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February 1, 2012

New Year – new classes!

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Hi everyone,
It’s time to get reading again (I know, some of you never stopped) so this is the place to let us all know what you think about the books you’ve been reading. Bookmark this page and come back regularly. If your post doesn’t appear instantly, don’t worry – that’s because I read & approve posts before they are published and I usually only get to it once a day.
Happy Reading!

PS Don’t stop reading ‘The Snow Goose’!


August 27, 2010

Book Week

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Okay, I know some of you were disappointed that I didn’t dress up for Book Week, but you need to know that its not because I don’t take books seriously. I am very well-connected in the book world – see me here, pictured with my old friend Clifford the Big Red Dog. We have spent many long hours together encouraging young readers to get serious about books & reading. You can even see some of them in the foreground of this photograph.

April 16, 2010

Read, reflect and connect

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Okay – this is the place for you to tell me what you have been reading, cool words you’ve discovered and quotations you would consider classic. Don’t just list them – explain them: where you found them, why you like or dislike them, etc. If you see someone else’s post and would like to comment, please do, but be kind and respectful. Intelligent people can honestly disagree on important (or trivial) things without being rude or inconsiderate.
So, if you’ve reached this page and you have something to write about, choose from the menu items on the right (book reviews, quotes, words, etc.) and start a post. Sign it with your first name and initial, and your class so I know who I’m hearing from.


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